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Len is the perfect person to field guide you
 around the Australian deserts and coastline.

Best Desert Tracks


The most comprehensive book ever written on Australian Deserts - it defines them, those that aren't and challenges you to think about what you dream of seeing and get to see. 

Winner The Best Book Based Product Award and the Prestigious Graham Stanton Award for Excellence at the IMTA (International Map Trade Association) Conference and Trade Show at the Gold Coast 

Ian Glover's 30 years as a motoring/remote area travel journalist and Len Zell's science training, guide books written and educational experiences provide an enormously valuable resource for those wanting the best experience of our deserts. 


333 pages
Lavishly illustrated with more than 600 colour photographs on gloss paper throughout

Complete atlas of Australia at 1:1,000,000

Spiral bound A4
Fold out front cover with Key diagram for maps and fold out of Legend for maps on back cover

Plants and animals guides – with 94 plants and 196 animals illustrated

Trek and site notes for 33 primary tracks in our deserts and semiaridlands
Not only is the text accurate and highly informative, the pictures superb, the plant and animal guides exciting and the strip and atlas maps brilliant but also it is in a spiral bound form allowing easy use in the Navigator's seat.

Selling for only $59.95 this is exceptional buying for a gift or the traveller and is available here online or at all good book and map shops. Best Desert & Savannah Tracks
(with Ian Glover)




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Australian Seashores

by international award-winning author Len Zell

484 pages
Lavishly illustrated with more than 550 colour photographs on gloss paper throughout
Perfect bound A5
For student, beachcomber or child
Unique species finder
In the footsteps of Bennett and Dakin
With Bibliography and index


Page: 484 Pages
ISBN: 978-0-9757184-9-0
Size: A5
AUD $59.99

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The Great Barrier Reef


The Great Barrier Reef really is like nowhere else on earth. For many of us, the thought of it conjures up images of beautiful azure waters teeming with colourful fish against a background of coral of every shape, colour and form imaginable. Yet there is so much more to the Great Barrier Reef than this. It is a massive, complex ecosystem, and one that has gone through enormous changes throughout the history and evolution of our planet.

Produced in partnership with the BBC’s The Great Barrier Reef television series, the book takes you on a journey along 2,300km of Australia’s north-eastern coastline, through the diverse range of habitats that make up this extraordinary water world. Along the way, discover how the Great Barrier Reef was formed, learn about life on the Reef and meet the plants and animals that inhabit it. The Great Barrier Reef also looks at the environmental challenges facing this incredibly delicate ecosystem, and what the future may hold.

Illustrated in spectacular full-colour photography throughout, The Great Barrier Reef also features hints and tips on how to make the most out of any trip to the Reef, making it the ultimate guide to one of the most treasured natural wonders of the world.

Page: 256 Pages
ISBN: 9781743361795
Size: 285 x 260mm
AUD $59.99


Format: Hardback

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Flinders Island Tasmania

Flinders Island in Bass Strait is 70km long and 40km wide and is the jewel in the crown of islands that surrounds Tasmania. This 146 page glossy and full colour book aims to stimulate your imagination – rather than satisfy your curiosity.


To achieve this, Wild Discovery Guides - Flinders Island Tasmania includes comprehensive maps from Tasmap in lavish combination with more than 350 photographs and information rich chapters on Geology, Climate, Weather, Oceanography, Major Habitats, Human History, Northern, Central and Southern Flinders Island, Safety and Planning and Plants and Animals Guides.


The book has been designed to complement the efforts of the Flinders Island Tourism Association in their promotion of this superb holiday destination.



Flinders Island Tasmania



146 page glossy and full colour book - Maps (Tasmap).
350 photographs with a Plants and Animals Guide

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Rowley Shoals fishing and diving - ebook

Available in .mobi and .epub formats

Great reference Guide to those visiting Rowley Shoals in Western Australia

The Rowley Shoals are listed on Australia's Commonwealth Heritage List because it "is regionally important for the diversity of its fauna which includes: corals (216 species in 52 genera); molluscs (260 species); echinoderms (90 species) and fish (485 species).

120 informative pages


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The Kimberley Coast

The Kimberley Coast - PDF EDITION


One of the largest coastal wilderness areas in the world. The 168 pages and 300 brilliant images with six superb maps in this book allow your journey through this Coast to be much more enjoyable and better informed


This is essential reading for anyone wanting to explore our last great wilderness : The Kimberley Coast of North West Australia.



3rd Edition

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Ningaloo Reef - Shark Bay & Outback Pathways

The Shark Bay-Ningaloo Coast extends 600km from north to south and the Outback Pathways cover more than 3,000km of Outback roads, all exhibiting a stunning diversity of organisms and geological and human history. Habitats include oceanic, bay, sea floor, coral reef, seagrass meadows, mangroves, stromatolites, limestone caves, karst landforms, underground water masses, sand dunes, clay pans, mountain ranges, arid lands and desert.

The Outback Pathways are an exciting series of three self-drive road trails being the Wool Wagon Pathway, Kingsford Smith Mail Run and Miner’s Pathway.

This is essential reading for those who want to learn about this area, lead someone through the area or simply to go discover it yourself with this comprehensive guide





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ROADKILL - Australian Wildlife               
Roadkill was short listed for the 2007 Whitley Award for significant contribution
to Australian zoology.

This is the essential 'in-car' book for any road traveller in Australia. The book is an overview of the types of roadkill, hints on what to do with them, how to clean bugs off the car and an eclectic mix of other information - from road safety to recipes.

An unusual insight into the many aspects of Australia's very special fauna, albeit in a somewhat macabre way




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Follow Len in the Desert  April/May 2013:



Middleton Min Min Lights Boulia Bedourie Birdsville


Birdsville to Simpson Desrt National Park via Eyre Creek



Simpson Desert Eastern boundary to Hay R Crossing turnoff



The Rig Road Simpson Desert


Approdinna Knolls to WAA Line and Rig Rd Simpson Desert



Simpson Desert Poepells Corner and to Knolls Track


Simpson Desert Rig Road to Dalhousie Springs



This is a wet run from Dalhousie Springs via the Pedirka, Moon and Painted Deserts!


Lake Hart to Port Lincoln


Port Lincoln to Eyre Peninsular and Coffin Bay

An "on tour" photo of  Len Zell taken by S Bedford



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